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5:40pm on Sunday, 20th January, 2008:

Puddle Placement


So I was driving down our road, and saw an old man who wanted to cross. Right in front of him was an enormous puddle.

Now ordinarily I would take great joy in driving through a puddle and soaking a pedestrian standing next to it, but this man looked so old that the force of the splash seemed likely to knock him over, so I thought I'd come out a bit to avoid the puddle. Unfortunately, there was a car coming in the opposite direction, and if I did that then we'd collide. I therefore slowed down so the oncoming car would be past the old man by the time I reached him.

Well, the oncoming driver saw me slowing down, saw why I was slowing down, and also slowed down. I slowed down some more, and so did the other driver. I sped up a bit, and so did they. They were determined that we were going to cross on the road at the exact point where the puddle was, so the old man would endure a drenching.

I slowed down some more, as did the other driver, and we did indeed go past each other where the old man was waiting. However, by this time we were going at a crawl, so there wasn't any huge splash; the other driver was nevertheless grinning very smugly at what he'd achieved.

As I sped off, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the old man step off the kerb and into the puddle, which appeared to go well over the top of his shoe. He didn't seem happy about it...

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