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8:24am on Wednesday, 17th September, 2008:

Poster Question


There's a poster at Colchester railway station that reads: "is this it?".

The poster is paid for by organisers of Alpha courses: apparently, these are a series of some kind of interdenominational introduction-to-Christianity classes, which, although I've never heard of them before (what with my having no need for an imaginary friend and all), seem relatively benign as such things go. The strapline to the poster is "If God did exist what would you ask", which is better than the usual "If you could ask God one question..." fare as it does at least present the existence of "God" as a counterfactual. In fact, since they made some effort and phrased it this way, I'm actually going to answer their question.

Q: If God did exist, what would you ask?
A: What were you trying to say?

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