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5:27pm on Friday, 16th May, 2008:

Home from Heathrow


Because air traffic control over Maastricht broke down yesterday, my flight from Copenhagen to Stansted was left sitting on the runway for over an hour, so I figured I was going to be late home. Here's how my journey went from the point at which I landed at Heathrow:

21:50 Flight touches down.
22:00 Stop at the gate.
22:05 Exit plane (not bad, given I was sitting on a seat in the back row).
22:15 Reach queue for passport control.
22:25 Have passport checked.
22:35 Reach Heathrow Express train — there's one there waiting about to go.
22:50 Reach London Paddington.
22:55: Board London Underground train for Liverpool Street.
23:15 Arrive Liverpool Street station.
23:20 Board train for Norwich via Chelmsford, Colchester and a bunch of places beyond.
23:30 Train departs.
00:25 Train arrives in Colchester.
00:30 Reach start of taxi queue. It's raining.
00:35 Home. Taxi driver was doing 60mph in a 30mph zone.

My wife hadn't gone to bed, as she'd been expecting me to get back at that kind of time anyway.

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