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5:10pm on Tuesday, 15th July, 2008:

Bee Movie


A couple of months ago, while I was away somewhere being famous, a swarm of bees decided to make our walnut tree its home. My younger daughter caught it on camera:

Now what with bees across the country dropping dead for no apparent reason, I was quite happy to have some living in out walnut tree. We had some there last year and they caused no trouble, and we had some in a hole in the lawn a while back and they were just fine, too (even when I mowed them). It's not as if they're wasps, which are so not fine that they constitute definitive proof that either gods don't exist, or they do but they're evil.

However, this bunch of bees is bad-tempered. A couple of weeks ago one stung my father-in-law on the arm, and today another one stung him on the ear. He has therefore expressed a desire that they "go".

So, what do we do? Save the bees in case they're the last ones left on the planet? Or call in the bee destroyer to stop them from stinging people?

I'm guessing that if we don't get in the pest controller, my father-in-law will control them himself...

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