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2:21pm on Tuesday, 15th April, 2008:

Packed with DNA


I was waiting to buy some bus passes for my daughters today. The man in front of me in the queue was reclaiming some lost property that he'd left on a bus the previous month — a woolly hat. He'd apparently phoned earlier but no-one had found his hat, so the next time he came to Colchester (ie. today) he dropped in to see if it had been misplaced in the office. The woman on the desk went off and, sure enough, returned with his hat. He and his wife immediately recognised it; he put it on and it fit. He was very relieved to get it back. "It's packed with my DNA", he said, just in case the woman on the desk challenged his assertion that it was his and insisted on paying £200 for a DNA test on a hat worth £2.50 at most. She said it had been put in the wrong box; it should have been in the March box, but it wasn't.

He signed for it, then left with his wife, ears once more protected from the harsh cold of a Colchester lunchtime.

"Wasn't that in the April box?" asked the woman on the adjacent desk, after he'd left.

"Yes", replied the woman on the original desk. "I remember when it was brought in, it was found on a Stansted bus, it's not his hat."

Well, it is now...

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