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5:16pm on Sunday, 14th December, 2008:

Iron Constitution


We have our elder daughter back with us again. She returned from university on Friday, and goes back in early January (or later if she wants to miss an exam and get kicked out).

She had a bit of a cold when we got her, and one of her lymph glands near her right ear seemed to be swollen. She was looking around in our medicine cupboard for something that might help, and came across a bottle of Beecham's All-in-One. She hadn't tried this before, so gave it ago.

A bit later, she complained that her stomach was feeling a bit odd, and wondered if it was the medicine.

Here's the top of the box:

Oh well, only seven and a half years out of date.

The swelling went down a little and she hasn't died, so on the whole it was a success.

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