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4:02pm on Saturday, 13th September, 2008:

Time for a New Shield


As I've mentioned before, my elder daughter has been playing The Lord of the Rings Online. She wanted to play Age of Conan, but after we failed spectacularly to install it she went with Lotro instead because I had a free gold edition from Codemasters.

Actually, I had two free gold editions, so I played alongside her.

My daughter gave up at level 37, when she decided that the fact every single level was pretty much exactly the same as the previous level meant it was a waste of time. I, however, continued.

Today, I made level 50, which is Lotro's cap until the expansion comes out. Here's the screenshot:

Yes, it's another female paladincaptain, but I gave my younger daughter carte blanche to create what she wanted for me, and that's what she made.

After levelling 3 characters to 70 in WoW, I was criticised for being a fanboy. Hopefully, having endured the slog to 50 in Lotro, I'll be able to deflect that in future.

No, I'm not going to tell you what I think of Lotro, except that some of it was done well and some of it was done badly.

Oh, and no, I won't be buying the expansion when it comes out: job done.

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