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4:21pm on Sunday, 13th July, 2008:

Some Redundancy


We went to a restaurant near Newmarket today (my wife is from Newmarket). It was in a village called Saxon Street.

The main street in Saxon Street is called The Street. The road leading to the village is called Saxon Street Road.

Hmm, I think maybe they could have organised their names a bit better, there.

Still, there are plenty of cases where place names have some redundancy. Silbury Hill, near Glastonbury, means "hill hill hill", as does Pendle Hill in Lancashire. Torpenhow Hill in Cumbria apparently means "hill hill hill hill".

Coming back from Newmarket, I needed to fill up with petrol. The local Tesco had problems with its pumps, so I just drove until I came across a BP petrol station on the A14. It charged 127.9p per litre, meaning it cost us £70 to fill up. 20 miles later, another BP petrol station was charging 119.7p per litre, which is more in line with everyone else. This has nothing to do with redundant place names, I'm just annoyed over it...

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