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7:55am on Thursday, 13th March, 2008:

Two Days in a Row


I was on TV last night, on BBC4 to be precise, in the final episode of the series, The Worlds of Fantasy — downloadable for the next week (and actually quite good, despite my presence in it). I didn't know I was in it, but got a tip-off from Ren Reynolds, was was also in it, who told me it was being repeated at midnight (so I was actually on TV two days in a row!).

This meant I was able to tape it. Except, because my wife has the TV, Sky box, DVD player and Video recorder all set up using some arcane jumble of wires only she understands, it didn't actually record the program. She'd set it up to record, but the start-of-program signal didn't arrive for some reason. It resisted all my attempts to override her instructions, so I had to watch it live.

It finished at 1am. The alarm went at 6am so I could take my wife to the station for her commute to London.

I'm hoping I can stay awake at least until my 11-12 lecture this morning...

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