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6:44pm on Wednesday, 13th February, 2008:

Bog Blog


There's a gents' lavatory about 10 metres from my office at work, and I went in there just before lunch.

Ye gods! It was a major disaster area! I have never seen a toilet bowl as distressed as that by the actions of a single individual. Whoever it was has alarming problems with their digestive tract. I just hope whatever caused it wasn't some airborne microbe, or I'm going to be in similar trouble myself from having breathed while in there (even though I only used a urinal).

Also worried will be the several prospective students who had cause to go in during the course of the afternoon, today being a visit day and all. Still, at least we can be assured that they were impressed during their tour of Essex University, albeit by the fact that one person can produce such a quantity of excrement with such apparently violent explosions and yet not be lying dead in the cubicle.

I feel queasy just thinking about it.

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