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4:20pm on Monday, 12th May, 2008:



At the Indie Games Convention, Brian Green recommended the book Banewreaker. It's basically a standard the Lord of the Rings epic as seen by the (supposedly) evil side. I was quite enjoying it, but sensed that feeling of under-editing that you often get in books that are more than one volume long. Of course, if I'd read the cover ("Volume One of The Sundering") I may have realised this sooner...

So, my problem is, do I buy volume two?

[Warning: minor spoilers ahead.]

The plot of the book concerns a prophecy. The way things stand, at every single opportunity for the prophecy to be deflected or derailed or stalled, it's carried on serenely. From this, I deduce that there is pretty well zero chance of the prophecy's failing to be fulfilled, which means volume two (the final volume) is going to be one almighty train wreck. Knowing that the bodies of all those characters in possession of an ounce of sympathy will be strewn around in pieces, should I buy it anyway? I don't actually want to see it happen, so not reading about it is the wise thing to do, but then there's a faint chance that some may survive, or that there's some kind of redemption, so it won't all be grimness. That said, everyone who's died so far has done so in a fairly pointless manner and with pointless results, so I don't expect things to change there, either.

Oh, maybe I'll just read the other book Brian recommended, The Innkeeper's Song...

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