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8:33am on Tuesday, 11th March, 2008:

Bordering on Incoherence


Yesterday, I spoke for an hour or so at a Metanomics event in Second Life, during which I inadvertantly managed to insult: Linden Labs; the creators of a $200 marketing report I haven't read; Joshua Fairfield and Anshe Chung. I also bordered on incoherence in my attempts to explain how Sony Online Entertainment loses money through payment recalls on its Station Exchange servers (thank goodness I wasn't on a webcam, or it would be straight to Youtube).

I don't, however, recall saying I want "to set up a giant commission in the sky to scold REALLY hard all those nasty smug little Chinese boys that go around gold-farming and interrupting everybody's game!", which was apparently one of Prokofy Neva's takeaways. I think this way because I'm a "good British socialist and intrinsic Marxist" with "a certain British upper-class fastidiousness", it seems.

Damn, I hid it for so many years, but now my secret is out...

I could spend another hour or so responding to what Prok wrote, but that would merely be adding fuel to the flames (albeit with potentially entertaining results). I'll just wait until she writes a book, then sue her for libel in England.

Er, that was a joke, Prok.

However, I did get a zebra stripes T-shirt and a dancing cow attachment out of it, so it wasn't all bad.

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