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11:53am on Tuesday, 9th December, 2008:



I'm not very good with ladders.

I'm fine with stepladders, but not with normal ladders: the sort you prop up against the side of your house so you can check out your guttering. The height and the shakiness aren't a problem (although if it were wet or windy I'd think twice about going up), it's the fact that when I try to climb one my knees always catch on the rung above the one I'm standing on. I can't go up or down without banging my kneecaps. I think maybe I lean too far forwards or something, but whatever it is, it makes ladders a pain for me.

This is why, when I had cause today to prop up a ladder against the side of our house so I could check out the guttering, I sent up my 86-year-old father-in-law instead. He can shin up and down them like a monkey. He fixed a problem with a leaky join, covering it up with a strip of pond lining rubber held on by roof felt adhesive.

I went up only at the end, to look at what he'd done (which was actually pretty good). Needless to say, I banged a knee on every rung on the way up, and every rung on the way down.

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