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10:38pm on Thursday, 8th May, 2008:

Some Things I Learned Today


Unlike every other major city in Europe, people live in the centre of Berlin and commute to work in the suburbs. Normally, it's the other way round.

The Danish language has two genders, both neutral.

If you don't mark taps so people can tell hot from cold, then they can unknowingly drink water from the hot pipes that they really shouldn't be drinking.

There are laptops out there with a 6-hour battery life. That's 5 hours more than mine can manage...

Americans pronounce the surname Crowther with the first four letters having the same sound as the bird, "crow", rather than rhyming with "cow" as they do in the UK.

Post-modernism only gets worse.

Five attempts at saying the word "cinematographically" isn't enough for me to get it right.

For me, French is the opposite of art. I can understand French but can't generate it; I can generate art, but can't understand it.

Using slides as an aide memoire is now old-fashioned. All but one of today's speakers presented slides but read directly from their printed notes. One didn't even notice that her slides weren't showing until someone pointed it out.

There are 72 channels on the TV, all in German except BBC World (which is on twice).

It's possible to have an Internet connection that will open an ftp connection but won't transmit data on it. That's why the QBlog index page has disappeared...

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