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6:44pm on Tuesday, 8th April, 2008:

Sea Viewed


This is the view from the window of the bedroom I had as a child:

That's the North Sea in the distance, a 10 or 15 minute walk away. The concrete base you can see in the foreground is where there used to be a single-storey wooden building used as a local hall; it fell into disrepair and was demolished a few years ago.

The sign you can see on it reads "for sale". It should read "sold". Apparently, there is a plan to build four town houses with integral garages on the plot (about 75% of which you can see in the photograph). This is fair enough, and my dad likes the idea of being able to get his car out of the garage without there being cars parked opposite blocking the way. However, it does mean the view of the sea that I had as a child will be disappearing, which is why I took the photo.

Little by little, childhood memories become just that: memories.

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