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5:39pm on Tuesday, 8th January, 2008:



I was at a Research Councils Visit at the university today. One of the speakers was Donald Mair of the BBSRC and he was imemdiately followed by Essex's own Klaus McDonald-Maier. It must feel odd to have your name be an entire subset of someone else's.

I had one rant at the EPSRC's University Interface Manager, complaining that it didn't give any grants to computer games people (or, if it did, that it hadn't ever asked me to be a referee so wasn't exactly in my specific field). I was a bit embarrassed as I was basically shooting the messenger (the UIM doesn't set policy herself). Still, I did manage to get a name out of her of someone I could contact who might, when questioned about funding for brand new subjects such as Computer Games, be in a better position to laugh in my face.

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