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7:55pm on Sunday, 7th December, 2008:



We were picking up our younger daughter from (yet) another sleepover this morning, and were driving back past the hospital. There was an old guy shuffling along in the same direction as us but on the grass at the other side of the road. As I drove along, suddenly the old bloke collapsed to the floor as if someone had coshed him. I looked across and could see his eyes were open, but this wasn't the easiest of places to stop so I went into the hospital grounds, turned round in the car park and came back to see if he needed help.

By then, though, he was back on his feet and shuffling along as if nothing had happened. He must have tripped or something, and wasn't hurt because he fell on grass. We decided to continue our journey rather than stop and ask him if he was OK, on the grounds that if he wasn't OK he was right outside a hospital so could have shuffled over to see a doctor.

We didn't let the fact that he looked like a somewhat inebriated tramp influence our decision...

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