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1:37pm on Sunday, 5th October, 2008:



My younger daughter was at a shcool careers fair this week, and picked up a prospectus for University Campus Suffolk. This establishment is the offspring of Essex University and the University of East Anglia, set up as a joint venture to head off any attempt by Suffolk County Council to set up a university of its own which might compete with them (Suffolk doesn't have any universities).

Browsing through the prospectus, I was surprised to learn it offers a degree in Computer Games Design. Here's the page:

That "after the course" section is true primarily because it's also true before the course. As for the range of shallow courses, the lack of examinations, the targeting of "those with non-traditional qualifications" — why not call it Polytechnic Campus Suffolk and be done with it?

I think there are enough despair points in there for me to level up...

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