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12:15pm on Tuesday, 5th August, 2008:

Impressions of Mykonos


Today, we docked at Mykonos, an island in the Cyclades with a very picturesque old town. Here's a visual portrait of the place...

Someone ought to tell the owner of this shop that the name has comical overtones in English:

This telegraph pole is used as a place to pin notices. There aren't many such spaces in Mykonos, so it gets rather a lot of use...

This is simply bizarre. Please tell me it isn't part of a chain:

At first we were excited to see this pasted to a wall:

However, after exploring the town for 3 hours we didn't come across a shop that even sold pirates, let alone had them on sale. How disappointing.

Mykonos is full of tiny churches. I took this picture because it had two so close together:

Then I discovered that the wall on the left was part of a church, too.

One of the things you first notice about Mykonos is that the stones in the streets are all outlined in whitewash. However, on closer inspection it would appear that some people cheat:

All the buildings in Mykonos are white — even their TARDISes!

Finally, this isn't strictly speaking about Mykonos but as I'm waiting for an engineer to turn on hot water to the cabin stateroom I thought I'd show it anyway:

I can't throw bottles, cups and margarine into the toilet? Well what am I supposed to do with them — use the bin?

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