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12:53pm on Wednesday, 5th March, 2008:

THUD ... THUD ... THUD ...


So here I am at Portsmouth University, reading through reports, coursework and exam scripts to ensure that everything is above board and that the students are doing modules of appropriate levels and getting the marks they deserve, and every 3 seconds there's a THUD. The walls shake as if we were beginning an earthquake, then three seconds later they do it again. THUD ... THUD ... THUD ...

It's not just the THUDs that are so distracting, though: somewhere, some other building is being similarly shaken, only that one has a bell in it. Maybe it's a church, maybe it's some navy office, but whatever it is, shortly after the THUD there's a DING-A-LING. Earlier, they managed to muffle it or something, but it's started up again. Augh! THUD DING-A-LING ... THUD DING-A-LING ... THUD DING-A-LING ...

As to the cause, well, much as I'd like to believe it's a tyrannosaurus rex stomping around looking for a chip shop to eat, it's actually a pile-driver putting in the foundations for some new building.

If it were just the sound, OK, I could deal with that, but it's the shaking. I can feel it through the floor, and my computer screen judders.


I can see that if this keeps up much longer, I'm going to have to murder someone.

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