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11:33am on Wednesday, 4th June, 2008:

Minute Loss


I went in to the university today, to drop off some marks I'd had to check yesterday (which I found out about having just driven back home from the university, but that's another outburst). Anyway, even though I was only going to be there for 10 minutes, I paid the 5p charge for an hour's worth of parking (reasoning that if I didn't, that was going to be the one day of the year when they checked).

Here's my ticket:

See the time of arrival on there? It says 9:55.

Fair enough, except last week when I went to Berlin and back, I changed my watch twice. Today, at 10am, I remembered to set it to the exact time by the time signal on the car radio. Three minutes and 15 seconds after doing that, I bought my parking ticket, which says it's 9:55. It wasn't 9:55, it was 10:03. If I'd been hoping to stay for an hour, I'd actually have only got 52 minutes.

How many 8-minute periods has the university stolen from me this year?!

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