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12:06pm on Saturday, 2nd February, 2008:

How Red is your Bush?


My wife was given a free sample of Tetley Redbush the other day:

This is being advertised a lot on TV at the moment, and as it's Tetley I was considering maybe trying it.

Well, not any more I'm not. I brewed up the free sample, and learned to my cost that it taste like tree bark. Yes, I have tasted tree bark before, by accident, and now I've tasted it again. Bleah!

I knew I was in trouble when I got the teabag out of the packet. Tea doesn't generally look like wood chips. Also, from a careful reading of the packet I was aware that at no point did it actually say it was tea, it just seemed to want us to regard it as tea.

I have to thank Tetley, in that if we hadn't got the free sample I would probably have bought a packet of the stuff at some point and thrown the lot away after one taste. Now, I know not to buy it at all.

Still, there are probably millions of people who do like it. I'm guessing they're cut from the same inexplicable cloth as those who like the taste of marzipan...

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