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9:28am on Tuesday, 1st January, 2008:

Missing the Magic


I wonder if the editor of the BBC's New Year celebrations coverage actually understands why people are watching? In case not, here's an explanation.

It's the fireworks.

We want to see the fireworks go off in London. That's all. Cut from the clock tower on the Houses of Parliament as soon as the first bong from Big Ben sounds, and show us the London Eye. Keep showing us that until the fireworks run out. That's all you have to do.

We don't want to see ethnically diverse pretty girls in the crowd. We don't want to see people wearing sparkly costumes setting off fireworks from boats. We do't want to see the clock tower on the Houses of Parliament again. We just want to see the fireworks. You can add commentary if you like, telling us that some weird section is weird because it's something to do with the Olympics, but we don't want the commentator to be yelling "look at that!" while we're being shown a clock, a speedboat or a close-up of a 10-year-old girl with oriental features. We also don't want them telling us to camera what a wonderful display it was while it still has 5 minutes to go.

Yes, we know you have five cameras, but we just want to see the results of the two that are pointing at the wheel.

Got that?

Good. See you in 2009.

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