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4:44pm on Tuesday, 31st July, 2007:

Impressions of Cyprus #1


The menu item said "young baby lamb". Not sheep, lamb; not just any lamb, but baby lamb; not just any baby lamb, but young baby lamb. One more adjective and it would have been a foetus.

There's a man on the sixth floor of Debenhams in Nicosia whose hobby is showing people where the lifts to the eleventh floor (the observation deck) are. His motive seems to be so he can kiss pretty girls, leastwise he got my wife and both daughters that way and we saw him planting a smacker on the lips of another startled young English woman as we came back.

Vehicles in Cyprus have number plates that use the Latin alphabet, rather than the Greek alphabet.

At 11pm every night so far, a man on a motorbike that's had its baffles removed screams up the road all the big hotels are on, making a noise so loud it makes the lampshades of our third-floor room rattle. Presumably, he believes that by doing this Cypriot girls will want to have his babies.

During the Turkish invasion in 1974, Nicosia suffered either too much damage or too little. It has quite the ugliest collection of rooftops of any city I've ever viewed from a height — and that includes Cairo.

I haven't seen a single national flag of Cyprus since I got here. There are plenty of Greek ones, but no Cypriot ones.

The lifts in the hotel are supplied by the Cyprus Water Company. There's diversification for you.

Israeli tourists to Cyprus say they're from England. When we went into a lace shop in Léfkara (which is far more picturesque than Nicosia) the old woman with half her teeth missing who sold us some coasters refused to believe we were English at first on account of how "that's what all the Israelis say".

In their own "freedom fries" moment, they don't call it Turkish Delight here, they call it Cyprus Delight. I think perhaps the 1974 invasion is still a sore point...

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