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7:01pm on Friday, 30th November, 2007:

Travelling to Poland


Here's a photograph of a dead van:

It's lying on its side under the railway bridge at Colchester North Station. It's been there 45 minutes, and in another 30 minutes it will be towed away. Traffic can pass under the bridge to leave Colchester, but they can't go under the bridge into Colchester. This has caused a terrific snarl-up in traffic.

The bus I was planning to take to Stansted Airport doesn't want to get stuck in this snarl-up. It takes a different route, avoiding North Station. I, however, am waiting for it at North Station, as are 7 or 8 other people.

Eventually, 4 of us took a taxi. It cost £40, which is £1 each less than if we'd taken the bus. The taxi can get onto the A120 using a country lane that the bus can't.

We make it to Stansted in time for me to catch my flight and arrive 2 hours later at what must be the world's smallest international airport, Lodz. No taxis are waiting, but eventually news gets round that there are 200 passengers waiting for a ride into the city centre, and a flurry of them arrive. The journey costs me 19.50 zlotys, or about £4. I don't think half a zloty is a worthwhile tip, but I have a 10 zloty note so give the taxi driver that as a tip instead. The taxi driver is amazed.

Hmm, when I showed the taxi driver where I wanted to go to on the map, he seemed a bit confused. I wonder why.

I find out next morning. You'll have to wait, though, 'cause I need something on my home PC to help me tell you...

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