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1:15pm on Monday, 30th July, 2007:

Hot and Humid


OK, so I knew it was going to by hot in Cyprus. I did not know, however, that it was going to be humid. The first warning I got of that was when our flight landed at 9pm and clouds formed inside the plane that went down to my waist — it was like walking through fog. On the tarmac, my wife's glasses were so steamed up she couldn't see a thing and had to be told when there was a bus in front of her. When our baggage finally showed up on the carousel, it was damp.

A direct effect of this combined heat and humidity is that everyone sweats profusely, except in air-conditioned rooms which suck the moisture out of you whether it wants to come out or not. This morning at breakfast I drank 5 orange juices and 3 coffees, and I still had to knock back half a litre of water back in the room.

Today, we had to hang around in the morning for the "welcome meeting", so we didn't go on any trips (but got another free orange juice). We walked to the fort on the harbour instead, and I drank another litre of water on the way. Oh, and I had an ice cream.

It's nice to know my computer works with condensation on the screen, though.

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