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6:45pm on Thursday, 29th March, 2007:

Shocking Images


I was shocked by the pictures shown on Iranian TV of captured sailor Faye Turney.

She smokes!

More seriously, though, I'm sure that the Royal Navy has trained its sailors well enough for them to know that whatever they say on TV, it's not going to count against them (I know the RAF does this).

The general solution in the Middle East to this kind of crisis seems to be to snatch random nationals of each other's side and then release them all in a mass swap session. We can't do that because it's unBritish, but that doesn't mean there isn't a British solution. Indeed, if I were Tony Blair I'd be tempted to issue the humiliating admission of guilt that the Iranians are demanding, then as soon as they handed the sailors back retract it and say it was merely a ruse and the Iranians were suckers for falling for it. They don't call us perfidious Albion for nothing.

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