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12:56pm on Sunday, 28th October, 2007:

Manners for Women


It was the NSPCC Book Fair this weekend, so we went along to see if there were any gems hidden among the lines of abandoned romantic novels and 10-year-old computer manuals. As usual, there were: I got a 1940s copy of the Oxford Companion to Music for £3 and a 1923 reprint of Charles Dickens' American Notes for 50p; my daughter Jenny picked up a very nice French pictorial dictionary that there can't be more than half a dozen of in the UK, also for 50p.

My prime find, however, was (for 50p) an original 1897 edition of this book:

Its splendidly anodyne opening is:

I'm going to have a lot of fun reading this, made all the more pleasurable having just searched for it and discovered that second editions sell for £20 and mine appears to be a first edition.

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