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9:47am on Monday, 28th May, 2007:

Deterministic Universe


I must not have put my toothbrush back in its holder properly after cleaning my teeth this morning. Just as I was leaving the bathroom, I heard a noise, and turned round to see my toothbrush fall out of the jar, bounce off the shelf into the washbasin, whooshfrom one side to the other to launch into the air and arc across the room to deposit itself in the toilet. It was like crazy golf for toothbrushes.

I retrieved it from its new location and figured that maybe I ought to sterilise it before using it again. I took it downstairs, boiled the kettle and poured boiling water all over it. While this doubtless had the effect of sterilising it, it also melted the nylon and turned my toothbrush into some kind of deformed monster.

Clearly, Fate has it in mind that I should get a new toothbrush.

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