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8:51am on Tuesday, 25th September, 2007:

Mog Mug


It's arrived! After waiting weeks and weeks, it's finally arrived!

The Mog mug:

Yes, my daughter Jenny's famous Mog and Tilly cartoons now have their own merchandise store, the Mog and Tilly Goods Emporium ("for all your Mog and Tilly goods needs").

We actually set this up a couple of months ago, but it took that long for the stuff to arrive so we could check it out. It turns out that any import of items worth over £8 in total are subject to excise duty, and CafePress didn't account for that. There was £4.32 due, which the Post Office collected from us (adding another £8 for "administration"). Still, we got it in the end.

I am so going to get one of the Squeak mouse mats...

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