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4:44pm on Wednesday, 25th July, 2007:

More Innocent Times


On one of the 1960s CDs I bought recently as "music to keep in the car because it was so cheap I don't care if someone breaks in a steals it" is the song Little Children, sung by Billy J. Kramer.

Here's how it starts:

Little children, you better not tell on me
I'm tellin' you
Little children, you better not tell what you see
And if you're good
I'll give you candy and a quarter
If you're quiet like you oughta be
And keep a secret with me

OK, so the point of the song is that the singer wants to make out with his girlfriend but her younger siblings are around so he wants them to go away. Only, in today's climate it sounds like some kind of paedophile grooming is going on. It certainly creeped out my 13-year-old when she heard it.

How times change.

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