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6:49am on Wednesday, 24th October, 2007:

Virtual Worlds Forum Europe


I'm away to London today for the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe (which was criticised at State of Play in Singapore for having as its logo a map centred on, believe it or not, Europe). The opening keynote is by Lord Puttnam, so I hope the trains run on time and I get to see it; we don't tend to get many lords addressing games conferences.

Of course, the reason we don't get many lords addressing games conferences is that there's no-one in the games industry who's a lord. There's no-one who's a knight. There are only a handful with OBEs, and that only came about because I harangued the then E-Commerce Minister about it. Ours is not an industry that commands a great deal of respect.

Maybe our senior figures just have to live into our 60s and we'll start getting ennobled?

Huh, the government of the day will probably have done away with the honours system by then...

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