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3:19pm on Monday, 23rd July, 2007:



I've been meaning to upload some of my powerpoint presentations to my web site for, oh, 5 years or so. Today, I finally got around to doing it. They're here, in .pdf format.

A lot of my presentations use the same slides in a different order, with a few extra thrown in that are targeted to the particular audience. I've thus divided the presentations in two: the "major" ones have lots of new stuff in them, and the "minor" ones are mainly derivative. The minor ones will only really be of interest to people who actually attended the presentations, if they want a copy of them. I suppose they could be of historical interest after a while, too.

You'll notice that most of my more recent presentations use the same fonts and are in the same style. This isn't to make it easy for me to rip great chunks out of earlier presentations; rather, it's because it's a lot easier to write a presentation if you don't have to worry about format the whole time. This comic-like one works for me, which is why I use it (irrespective of the audience).

These are just slides, they're not the talks. Consequently, they don't give all of what I said, and they're pretty dead on the screen. All those people who have been asking for me to put up my 2005 AGC keynote can now read it through at their leisure and wonder what it was they ever liked about it.

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