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12:14pm on Friday, 22nd June, 2007:

Unusual Letters


Normally when I rub my eyes, I get multi-coloured patterns that wash in and out. Sometimes they're geometric, sometimes they're blooms of colour. They can be quite pretty at times, but I don't think that's a reason to induce them (after all, they're caused by increasing the pressure on the retina, which doesn't sound a good thing).

I rubbed my eyes yesterday just before going to bed, and I got something new. Over to the right, there was a shape that was like a whirlpool, only coming towards me, and falling down it (away from me) were upper case letters. They were in black (the waterspout thing was mostly a grey off-white), and it was only a few letters: E and H, with one or two Fs and Ls in, too. They were quite big, but all the same size.

I had a check last night as I slept, and I hadn't imposed them myself, they're what my eye saw (my right eye). Very odd.

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