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2:14am on Tuesday, 21st August, 2007:



I woke up on time this morning by setting the hotel's alarm clock to 7am then waking up at 6:59. I also escaped a night in cryogenic suspension by switching off the air conditioning.

When I arrived down here in the hotel ballroom, I found I had to reregister. OK, so some people only register for one day so I suppose that makes sense, but that's normally done by having different badges, isn't it? Ah, well it turns out that the reason the want me to reregister is that we all get a bag on day 2!

The bag is made of card, about 30cm square and 10cm wide, with "Razer" and a design on the outside in green. Inside are a flier for Razer ("the world's leading brand in high-end computer gaming peripherals"), a sticker of the design, a lanyard with "Razer" written on it, and ... well, that's all.

So I'm obliged to carry around a basically empty bag all day. Why?

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