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8:10pm on Sunday, 20th May, 2007:



Today, I took my warlock Leine up to level 70 on World of Warcraft:

Quest: Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater.

19 days 9 hours 21 minutes 57 seconds.

And after a total playing time of 113 days 19 hours 54 minutes 35 seconds across all my extant World of Warcraft characters, that's me finished with it.

There are a few things I'd like to have done for completion which I didn't, primarily getting the final piece of my mage's dungeon set 2 (I had the bits I needed for three weeks, but couldn't get that one, last UBRS run I needed before the expansion came out). Playing on US servers meant I was never going to get to visit any major end-game instances for tier 1+ pieces, because of the time difference between my prime time and the game's — I got to kill Onyxia a few times, but I couldn't PUG my way into BWL, Naxx or AQ40 (abbreviations and acronyms of pre-Burning Crusade raiding life that are now quietly gathering dust). Because of the stupid timer constraints on Karazhan and the crocked LFG mechanism of WoW, my 70 end-game experience hit the buffers fairly early, too, but it was a pleasant surprise to get a couple of fill-in slots for an Aussie-run PUG there in the past 3 days, so at least I can say I've fought (if not actually killed) two of the bosses. Not that any of this matters, of course; I've had all I wanted to get from a design point of view for a long, long time, and the material rewards that draw players to instances are (literally and metaphorically) immaterial to me. Still, it was good actually to get into the place to see if the classic design mistake I thought they'd made, they had made (and they had: I call it toweritis).

I'm going to keep my account for a while, as my younger daughter still plays. It'll also be handy for the occasional screenshot I might need, and because sometimes people ask me to demo a game-like virtual world to them (journalists and academics have only ever seen LambdaMOO, er, I mean Second Life). I may pop in every once in a while to make shadowcloth for my guildies, but given that most of the people I knew best have left to find a guild that would run Karazhan in the (server-time) afternoon, and too many of the remainder are contemptuous of those of us who didn't run Karazhan regularly, maybe I won't bother.

My evenings are — and I am! — free once more.

Oh, and to tusongames.com, gamegoldcity.com, 4wowgold.com/qwowgold.com, wow7gold.com, peons4hire.com/p4hire.net, igtu.com and wowrex.com/terrarpg.com, who all sent me spam tells within the space of 2 hours yesterday: keep hammering those nails into that coffin, why don't you?

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