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1:31pm on Friday, 20th April, 2007:

Hair-Raising Experience


This morning, I realised that I hadn't taken my shampoo in with me when I started my shower, and consequently I had to use my elder daughter's (which hadn't been put away). She has long, very fine hair, so she has a volumising shampoo. As a result, I spent this morning's staff meeting at the university with volumised hair. It wasn't pretty...

Neither, for that matter, was the staff meeting. I actually spoke this time, in response to the suggestion that there were plenty of people in the department who could teach on the Computer Games course. I pointed out that actually, Computer Games is not a trivial subject but a specialisation: in the same way that an AI or Computer Security expert would not want someone teaching on their course whose expertise is only in Computer Games, a Computer Games expert doesn't want someone teaching on their course whose expertise is only in AI or Computer Security. If I were the token medic on a Medical Electronics course, no-one would be foolish to suggest that the image-scanning experts should teach anatomy; why should a database expert teach game design?

Although the other Computer Games person in the new department (he's actually an AI person, but he's pro-games) mentioned that a quarter of all applications to the Electronics Department were for Computer Games, this didn't seem to sink in. I was informed in no uncertain terms that Computer Games is but one of eleven degree schemes the new department is running, and it "has to live with them". Unfortunately, one of the professors then went off in another direction for five or six minutes so I didn't get to give my comeback: Computer Games is but one of eleven degrees, but in terms of home students it's the biggest one, so the other degrees should have to live with it.

I thought I was supposed to reach at least 60 years of age before turning into a grumpy old man.

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