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9:54am on Thursday, 18th October, 2007:

Old Times


The Independent arrived through our letter box this morning. The Guardian must have been delayed or something (this being the day when it has its technology pull-out, which I was actually looking forward to reading).

Gawd, what drivel it is in places — I'm so glad I changed. Janet Street-Porter calling MPs "a childish bunch of name-calling poseurs", oblivious to the fact that she's also a childish, name-calling poseuse; a full-page diary by one Cooper Brown, a made-up character clearly named after a font; careful wording of 10 "myths" regarding the EU reform treaty (OK, so no prisoners will be released because of it, but some convicted criminals will not be going to gaol in the first place because of it): complaining about the way authors review each other's work and its potential for abuse while ignoring the relationship between newspapers and their advertisers (ah, that MBA pull-out section): all of this and more appears in today's paged.

Still, at least they have one thing that The Guardian doesn't: upskirt pictures in their obituary columns.

That's 70's pop group Middle of the Road. The guy on the left died 12 days ago.

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