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2:47pm on Saturday, 18th August, 2007:

That noise outside


The noise outside was a firework display. So that explains why there were so many police officers around when I came back from Clarke Quay.

I only got to see half of it, because the fireworks were launched from two barges and my balcony only jutted out enough for me to see one of them. There were two types of firework I hadn't seen before, probably n account of how they're fifteen kinds of illegal in the UK. One of them was a standard explodes-into-a-spider kind of rocket, except with a secondary colour that made it look a bit like a daffodil's petals plus trumpet. The other one was near the end, where they let up a stream of white, half-height rockets that came down very nicely.

Perhaps worth noting, whatever the merits of the individual elements, that has to be THE LOUDEST firework display I've ever been at.

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