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9:28pm on Saturday, 17th November, 2007:



I was in Sainsbury's today doing the weekly shop, and at one point I was behind a boy of about 7 or 8 who was with his mother. He dropped the hint to her that he wanted a Wii for Christmas.

Yes, like that's going to happen...

I did see a whole bunch of Wiis when I was in Iceland, and considered buying one for my wife. However, I was in a hurry and wasn't sure whether there were any interoperability issues or not. I should just have got one anyway and sold it on eBay when I returned to the UK. I'm sure it wouldn't have assumed its player was Icelandic.

Here's an exchange I heard a couple of months ago in Game:

Old Woman (consulting piece of paper): Do you have any wise?
Counter Guy: Wise whats?
Old Woman: Just Y.
Counter Guy: Why?
Old Woman: My grandson wants one for his birthday.

Oh well, at least she didn't call it a "double-u two".

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