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7:51am on Wednesday, 16th May, 2007:

Alter Ego


I was at a book launch last night:

It was not your average launch, in that it was in Second Life (although in a few years that might indeed be average for launches). The reason it was in SL is because it concerns a book that shows pictures of real people alongside their virtual identities, so the venue was kind of appropriate. The photographs are by Robbie Cooper, and grew out of earlier work he did; the accompanying text is by Tracy Spaight. I'm in the book, hence the invite.

As book launches go, it was ... er ... well I haven't actually been to a book launch before, so I don't know how it compared. Still, there's a real-world one planned soon in Paris, and I may make the effort to attend that (I'm hoping the prospect of a couple of days in Paris is enough to tempt my wife into sanctioning it). My own books didn't have launches, but that didn't stop them sinking...

Oh, the book's title is, of course, Alter Ego.

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