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10:51am on Tuesday, 15th May, 2007:

The Right Tool


I've had a number of suggestions from QBlog readers as to how to fix my daughter's Internet-averse PC. Sadly, none of them worked (well, the complete system restore one probably would have, but I wasn't that desperate yet), although I did manage to find another virus as a result. I killed it manually by assaulting the registry (it was the fact that regedit was being closed down every time I tried to run it that made me suspect there might still have been a problem).

Working on the theory that the issue was not one of infected files, but rather one of so many infected files that the infections interacted and the resulting clean-up took out some components that should have remained, I looked for a solution along those lines. The sfc utility informed me (after half an hour) that, er, well it didn't inform me of anything, so I guess that means all the files were intact. This would seem to suggest that copying files manually from what the manufacturers entertainingly call the "recovery CD" wouldn't have helped a great deal. The dread full system restore was looking more and more inevitable...

Eventually, I resorted to typing the error messages into Google and seeing what other people had been told to do. Amazingly, after consulting a dozen or so forum threads advising proceeding along the same lines I'd already proceeded, I came across this. I downloaded it, ran it, and — gasp! — it fixed the problem. Yay for freeware!

I'm now re-installing the anti-virus software that I removed in case it was itself the problem. If only it would recognise my licence key...

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