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11:15pm on Friday, 13th April, 2007:



So here I am in Minneapolis.

Some random observations:

This is a lot like Milwaukee, from the slightly-too-salubrious "British Pub" to the disorganised second-hand bookshop to the skyway connecting the shops.

The entire floor of the hotel is non-smoking, but the corridor outside my room reeks of stale tobacco.

From outside the convention centre, I can see four churches.

There's snow on the ground in April?

Why won't my hotel phone give me an outside line?

There seems to be a fairly large Moslem population here, judging by the number of women wearing the uniform. Those churches must not be working.

If the airport showed the map for the light railway at the shuttle railway stop, people would find out it didn't go to the convention centre, and therefore wouldn't make wasted journeys on the shuttle railway to the light railway station.

Yay! Free Internet!

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