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4:51pm on Sunday, 12th August, 2007:



We drove to Newmarket and back today to see my wife's mother (not that she'll remember), and caravanners were out in force. Being stuck behind something incapable of going more than 50mph even if it fell out of an aeroplane is not a pleasant experience, so although we took a single-carriageway road on the way there, we came back a slightly longer way that's dual-carriageway for all but the little roads at either end.

I'd overtaken 60 caravans before I decided not to bother counting any more. I did have a useful idea for a caravan safety device, though. Because the towing vehicles can't see through their rear view mirror, they have to rely on stupidly wide wing mirrors instead. How about, though, if they had a small, flat-screen TV that they clipped over their rear-view mirror, attached via a bluetooth connection to a camera in the back of the caravan? Then they could see the cars behind them, instead of only noticing when they were being overtaken.

That way, those obscene gestures I make as we slow down yet again to below 30mph to get round a slight bend wouldn't be missed.

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