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5:24pm on Wednesday, 11th April, 2007:

Easy Blogging


It's easy to blog when I'm not back home in the UK, because what is commonplace elsewhere is new and strange to me. What's more, it's new and strange in new and strange ways.

This morning, I was taken out to breakfast by my host here at Indiana University, Norbert Herber. We went to a nearby breakfast bar he knew, although (as is usual with hotels) "anywhere but the hotel" would probably have worked. The menu didn't have my default option, eggs benedict, so I looked at what else was on offer.

One of the options was scrambled eggs. I'm a fan of scrambled eggs, but this was scrambled eggs with cheese. OK, that's new and strange, I can cope with that. But what's this? It's scrambled eggs (OK) with cheese (new and strange) on an English muffin (OK) smothered in sausage gravy (Bzzt! Ch-ch-ch. Ting! DOES NOT COMPUTE). Sausage gravy? On scrambled eggs? For breakfast? That's newer and stranger than mere new and strange. I'm sure that people eat them all the time in the USA and think nothing of it, but if someone had said to me, "think of something new and strange to put on scrambled eggs with cheese" I would have suggested raspberry ice cream before sausage gravy. Sausage gravy just doesn't parse.

I wonder what UK mundane food items alarm visitors from other countries? Other than that whole "if you can tell what vegetable it is, it hasn't been cooked enough" thing...

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