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9:11am on Thursday, 8th November, 2007:

Bad Drivers


So, yesterday evening when it was dark, I was driving towards a T-junction upon which was parked a van (badly and illegally). I'd squeezed past it earlier when going in the other direction, so when I saw another car trying to squeeze past it coming towards me I decided to stop and let it get through. The situation was complicated by some other parked cars, which were parked well but (except the one closest to the junction) not illegally.

Here's what it looked like:

That's me in the blue car with my lights on, waiting for the green car (also with its lights on) to inch past the badly-parked van.

Here's what happened next:

About 20 seconds after I'd stopped, out of nowhere a mini came up from behind me, overtook me as if I were parked, shot off past the other stationary cars, and only then noticed that there was a badly-parked van blocking the way and another car trying to get past it. This would have been careless driving even in broad daylight, but at night, with the headlights of two cars (mine and the green one) clearly blazing our presence, it was scarcely believable.

The mini driver just stopped, making no attempt to reverse. The green car had to reverse back onto the road so the mini could get out. The mini driver duly sped away without any apparent signs of embarrassment.

At this point, the driver of the green car flashed me so I went through. I waved a thanks to him as I passed, to see him shaking his head ruefully in the direction of the mini...

Mini driver: bad. Van driver: criminally bad. Green car driver: good.

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