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10:28am on Monday, 6th August, 2007:

The Journey Home


Luton may have a sucky airport, but it's a model of efficiency compared to that of Paphos. At least Luton's monitors are updated.

The guy sitting ahead of me and to the right on the plane was wearing slippers.

This is the shortest amount of leg room I've ever had on a flight. The row in front was next to an emergency exit, so they got an extra few inches. Those extra few inches came from me...

When a flight attendant on a First Choice holiday jet says they'll "dim the lights" for landing, what they mean is that they'll turn them off completely.

Coming in to land, the person sitting in the window seat decides she has to go to the toilet. I get up to let her out, and one second after she makes it to the gangway the seatbelt sign comes on.

First Choice would get better feedback regarding their flight attendants if they didn't allow said flight attendants to offer a free drink to a randomly-selected passenger who graded them as "excellent".

The M25 at 2am has more traffic than the one motorway on Cyprus has at 2pm.

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