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9:29am on Friday, 5th October, 2007:

Change of Secure Email


Because of the awful ravages of spam (I'm currently down to about 1,200 pieces a day, from a high of 2,000 earlier this year), I filter out a large chunk of my incoming emails and never even get to see them, let alone read them. If you're in my address book, you're fine — your email will always get through (unless you use multiple addresses, then you're lumped in with the ci@lis meds erectile schoolgirl paypal enlargement ÍÀØÀ ÐÅÊËÀÌÀ crowd). If you're not in my address book, there's a chance that you might send me an email that is filed away as spam when it's not.

To counter this, I keep a special guaranteed-to-reach-me address here. This has worked quite well, and for the past few years has been SUBVERT. However, I've now had to change it (to SLICE), because someone didn't read the text and put it in their address book. As a result, I've been getting splats from the virus that has infected their system, so have had to retire SUBVERT.

If you're one of those people who put me in your address book under SUBVERT, it's not going to work any more. You can email me and I'll put you on the always-gets-through list. Well, unless you're David Foster, whose misuse of SUBVERT caused this change in the first place — then you can take your chances with richard@mud.co.uk like everyone else.

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