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9:08am on Wednesday, 5th September, 2007:

Mmph Mnn


So, I had my major piece of dental surgery yesterday. The cyst was more oval-shaped than expected from the X-ray, and the dentist managed to scrape it out without cutting into the roof of my mouth. I remain unconvinced that he got it all, but he seemed happy enough. The (many) stitches come out next week.

On the whole, if I'm going to have dentl surgery, I prefer the kind with drills to the kind without...

I was given a bottle of zoo-strength painkillers to take for when the numbness wore off. Given that I had been treated to 4 injections directly into my hard palette, I was expecting those to be painful irrespective of the effects of the W-shaped cut he did at the front. However, I'm not actually in any pain at all, I just have a little swelling so it looks as if I had a collagen lip-pumping exercise go wrong.

This is fortunate. When you've come out of a dental surgery with instructions not to eat for a while, you don't want to see this written on the bottle:

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