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4:34pm on Tuesday, 4th December, 2007:

More Environment Saved


When I got back to university after the summer break, I noticed that one of the taps in the floor 3 gents' lavatories in the network building was dripping. OK, so the cleaners go in there every day, they'd be sure to spot it.

Weeks later, it was still dripping. It was dripping so much it was almost a stream, and yet no-one had reported it. Why not?

I there and then made a momentous decision: I would report it!

The Estates Management section of the university is responsible for fixing problems, so I went to their web site to find out how to report the dripping tap. The front page confirmed that this is where I should be, and said that I could get to a fault report form by following the link from any page in their web site.

What link would that be, then?

It was none of them. I checked them all, and none of them were anything to do about fault reporting. They must have had the look and feel revamped but not changed the content to reflect it. Eventually, by reading through the help file, I found that I was supposed to fill in the form that's linked to on every Estates Management page (...) or, helpfully, by "clicking here". Yay! So I clicked there, and it took me to a 404 dead page.

Gaah! Eventually, I just emailed faults@essex.ac.uk and that seemed to get through. I received a job number (they take their dripping taps seriously) and a web address where I could follow the progress of work.

Today, I had a look and the tap had been fixed. Thank goodness for that — it had been driving me nuts.

Maybe I'll report my ftp client to them and see if they can stop it timing out when I try to upload the latest archive file for QBlog. That's been driving me nuts, too.

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